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Clay County Museum – Chamber Member

Remembering Roots

Preserving Clay County History

 4In 1986, Clay County did not have a museum, so a group of citizens decided it was a good time to establish one because the State of Tennessee was celebrating Homecoming ’86. With the help of many volunteers and businesses, the building and location where the Museum is now located was established.

The mission of the Clay County Museum is to provide unique educational experiences based on pictures, objects, stories and lives from our Clay County traditions of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation. Their purpose is to inspire people to learn from those traditions to help shape a better future for the citizens of Clay County. 

The small museum is located in downtown Celina and offers an insight into the natural, civil, literary, and ecclesiastical histories of the area.

The first piece of history the museum holds is in the building itself. Part of the museum is located inside Cordell Hull’s law office, where the famous regional figure held his law practice before heading to Washington DC to serve as Secretary of State for President FDR.

Check out collections of artifacts from the county and read stories from residents who have called Clay County home across the decades. Among items of note: a taxidermied specimen of the world’s largest smallmouth bass, caught in the one and only Dale Hollow Lake!

The museum’s staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and adept to answer any questions you may have about the area’s history- you may even consider asking them about additional recommendations for your trip to the area.

Clay County Museum is located at 805 Brown St. in Celina. Hours are 12 – 4 p.m. Friday-Saturday.

Email:           Phone: (931) 243-4220