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Clay County

Three-Star Initiative

The Clay County Three Star Initiative is a volunteer program sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, along with local government and the Chamber of Commerce. The program’s primary purpose is to build our infrastructure to become a “job ready” county. These volunteers work to make our community a great place to live, work and play. So, we become more attractive to business and industry looking to relocate, creating jobs for our citizens.
The Three-Star program helps rural and urban Tennessee communities achieve excellence in community development by emphasizing foundational steps and targeting community strengths to improve quality of life and grow jobs. The program sets high standards and incentives like no other state-run program in the nation. It helps communities focus on their strengths and address areas of concern to better prepare their area for economic growth.

The Three-Star program is an important component of the state’s economic strategy that helps communities set strategic goals that will truly make a difference today and well into the future. We appreciate your support and dedication to the growth and success of Tennessee’s economy.


Downtown Committee
This committee works to improve the appearance of the downtown area and to improve the economic potential of the district.

Clay County Corner
This weekly radio broadcast from the historic Clay County Courthouse on WVFB (101.5 FM) features local interviews spotlighting events, programs, and issues. It airs live at 9 a.m. every Thursday, with a rebroadcast that same day at 6 p.m.

Historic Preservation Committee
The goals of the Historic Preservation Committee are to preserve and protect the historic buildings, artifacts, documents and oral history of our community while promoting our unique heritage and culture. In addition, the committee aims to engage citizens and tourists alike through tours, exhibits and other programs.

Imagination Library
This program mails age-appropriate books directly to the homes of all children in Clay County from birth to age 5 on a monthly basis.

Friends of the Library
This organization supports school libraries and the Clay County Library.

Retirement Committee
This committee works to encourage retirees to move to Clay County. They have prepared a brochure that highlights Clay County as a good place to retire.

We Need Your Help
If you have some skills in any field, a hidden talent and a few hours a week, please get involved with our community and the Three-Star program. Call the Chamber of Commerce at (931) 243-3338. We’ll find a way you can contribute.