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Good Weather

Beyond the Usual ‘Tourist Season’
The temperate climate of Dale Hollow and Clay County give so many opportunities to enjoy the Outdoors in Clay County.

We have four distinct seasons here in the Upper Cumberland, with the weather you would expect in each. Dale Hollow’s exceptionally pristine water and shoreline are unmatched in this area. In addition, good weather beyond what you might say is the “tourist season” allows so many outdoor opportunities.

Long, warm summers with mild winters provide a host of outdoor activities for enthusiasts year-round, including hiking, cycling, boating, canoeing, fishing, camping and hunting, nature walks and bird watching.

Tennessee’s shape and geography create three distinctive regions, and those three regions have vastly different weather. The Clay County-Dale Hollow region is on the eastern edge of Middle Tennessee. It sits in an area known as the Upper Cumberland, named after the famous river that cuts through a portion of it. Even though it’s in Middle Tennessee, the Cumberland Plateau experiences different weather than the rest of Middle Tennessee, due to its elevation. The gradual rise that begins east of Nashville reaches a height of over 1,800 feet not far east of Clay County and Dale Hollow.

Elevation changes even within the county can create quite a difference in weather sometimes. Celina, the county seat, is located in the Cumberland and Obey River valley, while roads in all directions lead to higher elevations. Occasionally, snow will accumulate in the higher elevations of Clay County, and not in Celina.

May and December are easily the wettest months of the year, while September and October are the driest by far.

Regardless of the season, you’ll enjoy your time in Clay County.

Climate and Weather at a Glance

Annual Average Temperature: 56.1
Average High Temperature: 69.2
Average Low Temperature: 43.0
Annual Average Precipitation: 52.1″
Annual Average Snowfall: 3″
Prevailing Winds: Southerly
Mean Length of Freeze-Free Period (days): 180-220
JANUARY 4.16 46.5 24.5 35.5
FEBRUARY 39.5 27.2 52.0 4.59
MARCH 47.3 33.6 61.0 4.63
APRIL 4.33 70.4 41.3 55.8
MAY 5.52 77.8 51.6 64.7
JUNE 4.50 85.0 60.5 72.8
JULY 4.85 88.8 64.9 76.8
AUGUST 4.07 88.6 63.4 76.0
SEPTEMBER 3.73 82.7 55.7 69.2
OCTOBER 3.50 72.6 43.4 58.0
NOVEMBER 4.19 62.1 35.1 48.6
DECEMBER 5.43 50.1 28.0 39.0

For a month-by-month, more detailed look at the weather in the county seat of Celina, you can CLICK HERE.