Clay County

Economy Continues to Evolve
Economic development in Clay County is diversified. Agriculture, industry, tourism and a growing retail base combine to employ a significant number of the county’s 3,000-person workforce. As is the case with the state, national and world economies, Clay County’s economy has evolved through the years and continues to. Local manufacturers are in hiring mode, and 25-30 new businesses have opened over the course of two years.
We have good local schools, which help drive our local workforce development efforts. Our local workforce development committee partners with local, regional and state agencies to tackle such projects as local job fairs. Business leaders, elected officials and education partners are all at the local table.

Agricultural production

Farming and the wood products industry have been backbones of the local economy since its founding, and they’re still significant components. In addition, Clay County ranks second in the state in poultry production. Agriculture remains a huge economic driver for

Clay County. Farmers sold over $36 million in various products in 2017, with those sales tilted heavily toward livestock production. Eighty-eight percent of the county’s agricultural production is in livestock, and Clay County also ranks second in the state in poultry production. Over 400 farms account for almost 80,000 acres of production. The garment industry was a heavy influence for the better part of four decades in Clay County.


The garment industry was a heavy influence for the better part of four decades in Clay County. The exodus of the garment industry brought mass changes for the town, the county and their residents. Now, industrial development is broader-based than it was 20 years ago. For instance, products now range from transformers, plastic products and auto parts to wood products.

The county has a about 3,000 people, employed largely in industry, health care and government positions. Looking to attract more industry, the local industrial board is developing a 50-acre site within the Celina city limits. We expect this to be home to new industry, and possibly the expansion of already-existing industry, in a short time.

Tourism and Retail

With Dale Hollow Lake nearby, tourism has always been a staple of the local economy, and the focus has shifted more in that direction in recent years. Tourism and travel-related expenditures in the county were over $7 million mark, and we expect that number to improve. The number of retail establishments has also grown significantly in the past five years.
County and city government and the chamber work together to attract an even wider base of employers to the county. Diversity is a key component to the long-term health of the county, so we’re working to bring more industry and other commercial ventures to the county. Along with that, we hope to make Clay County an even more desirable retirement destination.

To relocate to Clay County personally, or for a business or industrial venture, contact one of the following:
Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan (931) 243-2161, City of Celina Mayor Tonya Spears (931) 243-2115, or Chamber of Commerce director Kevin Donaldson (931) 243-3338.

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