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Tennessee Civil War
During the Civil War, the residents of the eastern and Cumberland River sections of present-day Clay County (then part of Jackson and Overton Counties) were usually Confederate sympathizers, while those in the western section supported the Union.

Men from this area enlisted in both armies. Oliver P. Hamilton organized one of the first local Confederate regiments in December 1862. He was elected major (and later became lieutenant colonel) of Hamilton’s Tennessee Cavalry Battalion. This partisan ranger band made its headquarters at Celina. Hamilton’s men patrolled the Tennessee-Kentucky line, enforced the conscript law, and guarded army stock and supplies between Celina and Gainsborough.

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Clay County has two Civil War Markers: one at Courthouse Square and one at Clay County Museum.

“Civil War Trails” brochures, which include Tennessee Civil War history and maps, are available at the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, located at 424 Brown St. in Celina.

For more information about Tennessee Trails, call (615) 532-7520 or visit the state’s Tennessee Civil War Trails website.

Tennessee Civil War 150 series

In 2011, the nation marked the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War. To commemorate the historic event, Nashville Public Television (NPT) and the Renaissance Center present Tennessee Civil War 150, a series of documentaries delving into life in Tennessee during the war.

Tennessee Civil War 150 focuses on several areas of life in Tennessee, including secession, the role of women, rivers & railways, music, the African-American experience and the Battle of Shiloh.